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Join us for Dymocks Book Club on the first Tuesday of each month at Camberwell Place. Enjoy delicious finger food and a drink from Just Italy and hear from local authors. The cost is $15 all inclusive and tickets can be purchased here.

This month (Tuesday 3rd December) we will be hearing from:

Caroline Miley – historical fiction

Caroline: “I’m an art historian and writer with a long-time passion for art, history and literature. I’m fascinated by the late Georgian era, a time when the old and the new existed side by side in a time of rapid transition. Society was in flux; new worlds were being mapped in the heavens as well as on the planet; Europe was in the grip of revolution; anything seemed possible. How could I resist writing novels that explore this wonderful time?”

Reviews – ‘Sex, swearing and humour in the Regency’ – English Historical Fiction Authors

Michael McGirr – non fiction

Michael McGirr was a Jesuit for 20 years and a Catholic priest for seven. After leaving the church, he went on to become a founding staff member of Eureka Street and has been a regular newspaper columnist and reviewer for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age.

He was fiction editor of Meanjin from 2001-2005, and in 2005 was the HC Coombs Creative Arts Fellow at the Australian National University. In 2007 Michael moved to Melbourne to take up a position as head of faith and mission at St Kevin’s College. He currently lives in Yarraville with his wife and three children.

Katherine Kovacic – crime fiction

Author, art historian, dog trainer (okay, crazy dog lady), sometime tango dancer.

What more needs to be said! Author of Portrait of Molly Dean & Painting In the Shadows.

Jane Sullivan – non fiction

What was it exactly? Wonder, rapture, delight, surprised recognition, laughter – but also darker feelings that made my heart beat fast and my stomach turn over, and sometimes a frantic urge to close the book before whatever it was sucked me in and destroyed me. But always, I read on.

In Storytime, author and literary journalist Jane Sullivan takes us from Wonderland to Narnia; is enchanted by Winnie-the-Pooh and the Magic Pudding, amazed by Enid Blyton and frightened by the Tales of Terror. Then there is the one book Jane truly hated – Little Women. Why had she despised Jo March, a seemingly perfect role model for a young, aspiring writer?

Michele Layet – memoir

Do McDonald’s use real eggs? Do they only hire children? How do you buy your own store? Michele Layet answers all these questions, and many more, by drawing on her own experiences as one of Australia’s first female franchisees and also by enlisting the help of an eight-foot tall plastic clown.

It is not just a story of Michele Layet but also the story of a famous burger giant. We learn about flag protocol, dreaded inspections, and why Ronald McDonald never appears in advertisements. We see Michele, first, as a fresh-faced trainee – overcooking fries and locking herself in the freezer. We see her rising through the management ranks, buying her own franchise, and rubbing shoulders with pioneer, Ray Kroc and Australian CEO (later world-wide CEO) Charlie Bell. We ultimately see her grow weary of life behind the counter and trade it all in for life behind a typewriter. It is an eventful, and humorous, journey from making French fries to running an enterprise. It shows what life is really like behind the golden arches.

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